Keysolutionsworldwide develops website under our own sef-designed CMS system- CMS.S3. It has a wide functionality, an intuitive interface and ease of editing pages.
Demo CMS.S3 management system CMS.S3 system is provided not as a "boxed product", but as a separate service that is running on the SAAS-technology. This means that you control your site directly through a browser, using an intuitive interface.

In this case you are not required HTML markup knowledge of programming languages ​​and server configuration. Unlike with boxed CMS, you do not need a programmer who will customize a system for you and install it on hosting as well as there is no need to communicate with the web hosting company that is responsible for the operation of its equipment, but not for your site.

You can share the access to several people, who will manage your website. Internet technology is developing very fast and to be a leader on the market, we are constantly working to develop our CMS: regularly available updates, new opportunities, new functionality provided to our clients.

Benefits CMS.S3 as a SAAS-solutions:
  • 01
    Technical support
  • 02
    Data reservation
  • 03
    Highly qualified staff
  • 04
    The high speed of the site
  • 05
    Basic protection against DDos-attacks
  • 06
    Low costs
  • 07
    Automatic update
  • 08
    Turnkey Website
  • 09
    Automatic backup site
Basic functions of CMS.S3:
SEO management:

1) Automatic creation of Web page addresses based on their names.

2) Possibility to register for pages arbitrary URL-addresses any level of nesting.

3) Closing and opening the pages to be indexed in search engines.

4) Fields of seo-parameters (title, description, keywords) for each page.

5) Setting redirects as a specific address of the page, as well as through regular expressions.

6) Automatic generation of XML-sitemap.

7) Robots.txt file management and other seo-settings.

Integration with marketing tools:

1) Convenient preparation of advertisements and their broadcasting in the Google AdWords

2) Connection to the site service On-line Onicon consultant. Maximum integration with the site, including the notification of the chat operator filling any forms of feedback on the site.

3) Connecting service Maliver mailings, with the possibility of Autoexport visitor's email address, send a message through any form of feedback on the site.

CMS.S3 main modules:
  • 1) Online shop

    2) News feed

    3) Articles module

    4) Comment Module

    5) Users

    6) Form constructor

    7) Photo Gallery

  • 8) Site search

    9) Site Map

    10) Poll module

    11) File Catalog

    12) Mailing module

    13) Bulletin board

    14) Forum

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